Shop programme


Our shop programme consists of a wide range of products have manufactured so far but also the ones that we are able to manufacture. It includes a range of hooks, racks, partition grids for the shelves, shopping trolleys and wire containers. The containers are manufactured in a way which shall enable their [...]

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Household appliances


Household appliances constitute a segment in which we have been working for almost 30 years which prides us with experience and knowledge in the field in question. For a number of years, we have been cooperating with the leading household appliances manufacturer in this area. Over a long period of time, we [...]

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Meshes, grids and fencing systems


We are able to provide you with various shapes and dimensions ranging from small to very big positions. Each single mesh and chain may be tailored exactly to your needs and designation. Our products are applied in shops, construction industry, households and in most cases they constitute a sub-segment or an element [...]

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The basket production constitutes a large portion of our production assortment. We manufacture a range of baskets aimed at households, furniture industry, household appliances industry etc. We possess both knowledge and experience to adjust the product exactly to you and to the purpose required. Our abilities and our quality are substantiated by [...]


Fan Guards


We have been manufacturing ventilation grilles used by the world’s leading work machines manufacturer for almost 8 years. We have been actively participating in development of grilles, manufacturing of prototypes and we have been also providing our own technical solutions. Due to our extensive experience and with regard to the fact that [...]

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Our production possibilities are broad due to our long-lasting experience, our knowledge and technology we possess. Our product range is additionally enriched by our numerous sub-contractors with whom we have been successfully cooperating for a number of years. We are able to manufacture almost anything made form wire or including wire elements [...]

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