Enivronmental Management Policy

Being aware of the problem of excessive polution and the need to preserve the environment both in the global and local sense, and taking into consideration business operations of Feroplast Ltd. and their possible impact on the enviroment, we hereby commit ourselves to responsible and careful environmental management by adopting and implementing the system according to the ISO 12001 norm.

We shall be permanently and continuously assessing all our activities with an intention, wherever possible, to use the resources and carry out the procedures which shall be least harmful to the environment. We shall permanently and continuously harmonise all our activities with all national and international regulations and rules pertaining to environmental protection..

We hereby commit ourselves to:

  1.  Provide continuous improvement of our own environmental protection system with a purpose to enhance its impact on the environment and prevent pollution,
  2.  Permanently monitor the emissions resulting from the performance of our business activities and thus constantly improve our own influence on the preservation of healthy environment, wherever economically possible,
  3.  Ensure systematic work on reducing waste materials, and the reuse of such materials, wherever possible,
  4.  Set annual environmental protection objectives and carry out the assessment of the objectives achieved.
    In terms of sustainable development and according to the environment in which we live in operate, we shall follow the policy of responsibility and connection with the local community.

We shall also attempt to compel our suppliers and other business partners to implement the environmental protection principles, through their business activities and business collaboration with us.
By offering training or information, the employees and the third persons shall be motivated to become ecologically aware.
By its commitment to this policy, the Feroplast Ltd. management shall create a favourable atmosphere and provide the prerequisites and resources for its implementation.

General objectives of environmental management.

Implementing the actions aimed at public promotion of ecology by publishing our policy and by carrying out educational activities in cooperation with local educational institutions.

Achieving positive environmental impacts through the following planned infrastructural investments:

– investment in the compressor plant with a purpose to reduce the level of noise, save the energy for heating the business premises and reduce energy consumption by  providing harmonisation with the required capacity
– purchase of a new wire flattener and reconstruction of the existing ones as the large sources of noise
– asphalting the appropriate plateau for a truck turnaround and a depot for products and goods and installing the appropriate rainwater separator which shall prevent soil contamination, while the purchase of ecologically acceptable gas forklifts shall affect the microclimate and the degree of contamination of business premises.

Introducing quantity measurements according to the basic types of technological waste as a measure of success in reducing technological waste through rationalisation of production and rationalisation of business process technology.

Selecting technological waste and providing waste management aimed at the purposeful use of such waste and environmental load reduction.

By providing appropriate training or information, employees and the third persons accessing the business premises of Feroplast Ltd. shall be motivated to become ecologically aware.

Suppliers shall be requested to provide adequate information or certificates pertaining to the purchased goods with a purpose of acquiring the knowledge regarding the possible impact of the purchased goods on the environment.

While communicating with customers and designing products, propositions which have a positive impact on the environment shall be favoured.

By providing publications, at least on Feroplast Ltd. website, the public shall be informed about the activities which have an impact on the environment.