Mission and policy

Feroplast d.o.o. Feroplast d.o.o. is oriented to a permanent improvement of its business policy. It strives to penetrate to EU’s market, as well as to the market of the lands in transition (especially neighbourhood lands), and to development of new products and programmes..

This policy is being realized with:

1. permanent recognition of buyers demands

2. creating demanding but satisfactory working environment, motivating employees to a responsible and creative approach to work obligations through salary or other (awarding according to effort and effect).

3. permanent professional upgrading of our employees: attending seminars, intern education, selfeducation, embracing new technologies, visiting international faires

4. hiring educated and quality work force

5. encouraging cooperation and exchange of information in the entire firm, especially for the purpose of creating the “new generation”

6. stimulating managers to develop capability to recognize possibilities and difficulties at the right moment

7. introducing and developing quality system, preserving environment by filling out the demands and improving the system

8. involving the employees in building and realizing a system of quality and preservation of environment including their eduaction in these fields

9. conquering new markets, meaning increasing sales to todays buyers, and especially to the new buyers

10. ensuring the necessary needs and equipment to quality fulfilling the demands of the buyer

11. rationally using the resources of the firm and increasing manufacturing and reducing all types of squandering

12. continous development of new products and services, quick acceptance of radical changes

13. establishing right form of cooperation with firms, striving to improving present relations

14. To provide constant development of new products and services and a quick and timely adoption of radical changes within the business activity.

15. To establish appropriate communication with companies which shall enable a better use of the existing customer relationships or which shall supplement the business activity.