The way from an idea to final product may often be long and tiresome and it requires a great effort. A potential customer frequently encounters insurmountable obstacles, yet we are the ones offering the kind of “support”, which is exactly what makes us recognisable to our partners.

Why is that so?

It is because we are available to our customers from the very idea onwards, we analyse the idea and the drawings, and we offer technical solutions which shall meet the both purpose and quality requirements. We advise potential customers regarding possible technical solutions which shall add more quality and consistency to the product itself, and it is frequently a simple solution that may reduce the end price for the customer.

Each customer wishes to obtain a complete service which means manufacturing the product itself, providing a solution, surface protection, packaging, often together with all logistic solutions as well as a range of other services which would round off a single product. It is exactly in this segment that we perceive our strength and advantage of providing a complete service and of rounding of the customer’s idea and making it complete. In case of services which we are not able to perform ourselves, we cooperate with our sub-contractors who perform certain services for us..

Upon processing a query, in case we agree about the terms with our customers, the tools and samples shall be manufactured. We have a technical team of people working on the novelties and it is exactly their expertise and experience that will enable the team to notice possible failures.

Depending on the agreement and series, the samples are followed by serial production where new, better and more quality solutions are reached in course of the production process itself.

Feroplast Ltd. is a socially and business responsible oriented company, which based on its predispositions, long-standing experience, expertise, technology, size and traffic position is able to promptly and flexibly react in the market which can be proved by the fact that 90% of our assortment is export, including overseas export as well.

The demands presently placed before manufacturers require a thorough engagement, constant improvement and development of our own capacities, thus keeping pace with the best. For that reason, Feroplast Ltd. has constantly been working on its own evolution, both technological and personnel, which is recognised by the fact that it has been present on the market for almost 60 years as: